What is the Purpose of Snapchat?

So, you’ve signed up for Snapchat, but what exactly is the point? What does it actually do? It encourages users to create and share short-lived content, but also discourages users from making things that are meant to last forever. The company, however, is trying to encourage more authentic content in order to stay competitive in the app market. In order to make this happen, Snapchat is offering a variety of features.

First, Snapchat lets you send private messages to selected people. This feature is useful for interacting without sending pictures, since it lets you send entire conversations without taking up a large amount of phone space. The chat function lets you save the messages you send to selected people. And, it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone, unlike many other social media platforms. That said, you shouldn’t use the chat feature for sensitive messages, because you don’t want to expose your personal details to strangers.

Another useful feature for Snapchat users is the camera. You can use the camera to snap a photo or record a video. To view the images that you have recorded, you can tap on the camera and choose from a range of filters. You can also use emojis or a ‘filter’ to add to your snap. The latter can also be used as a text or video message. The camera’s preview screen also allows you to see the timer.

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