What DoesaBusiness Casual A Mean?

“What doesabusiness casual a mean?” is a nebulous concept that applies to many types of workplaces. While you may be working in a business that requires formal attire, business casual is an increasingly common attire option for white-collar professionals. While the definition of business casual isn’t clear, it generally refers to casual, business-like clothing. Generally speaking, business casual consists of smart lounge suits or casual clothes.

Business casual is a dress code that is less formal than business professional, but still business-like enough to face clients. Unlike business-smart, business-casual clothing is a good choice when paired with a professional business attire. It’s a fine line between casual and too-casual, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The following suggestions will help you dress appropriately and promote your professional image.

First, a button-down shirt is the appropriate attire for a business-casual environment. As long as it isn’t too casual, a button-down shirt and a tie are appropriate. If you’re interviewing or hiring someone new, you’ll want to err on the side of formality. If you’re not sure, try wearing a button-down shirt or a collared shirt. A button-down shirt with a tie is acceptable but a tank top and jeans are not. Sandals and flip-flops are inappropriate.

Lastly, business casual fashion is not limited to the corporate world. A business casual style can vary depending on your industry and target customer. Companies dealing with young millennials may lean more towards business casual attire than companies in the financial world. The latter might require a more conservative approach. Regardless of whether the office is business casual or conservative, dress smartly for success. For more tips on dressing for success, visit Business Insider.

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