What Are Some Feminine Clothes Men Can Wear?

Men can look incredibly feminine if they know how to pull off feminine clothing. If you are unsure of how to pull off feminine clothes, you can opt to wear a floral blouse with a masculine outfit. To add a feminine touch, choose baggy pants and bottoms, and accessorize with accessories and a hat. Men can also wear feminine clothes if they identify as female, but they should never try to make a woman feel uncomfortable.

While women tend to be uncomfortable wearing dresses and skirts, some men feel comfortable in such outfits. Feminine clothing is not exclusive to women. Even FDR has worn feminine clothing – an 1884 photo of FDR with a dress on. It was then considered a gender-neutral photo. And in ancient Egypt, children wore feminine skirts called schenti, which were belted at the waist and pleated in front.

While traditionally feminine clothing isn’t appropriate for men, it is not out of the question. While men are still primarily male, they can wear dresses and feminine clothes. In the past, they were expected to wear more feminine clothes than women. Until the fifteenth century, men and women wore clothing that was both feminine and masculine. Androgynous clothing continues to exist today in many cultures. For example, the Japanese kimono (a robe with a subtle gender difference) and the jellabiya, which is worn by both men and women in North Africa, are both traditionally feminine but can be worn by men.

While it used to be that men wore pink hats and pink dresses, these days, men can wear pink. The reason is the colour pink was not traditionally gender-specific – many societies didn’t define men by colour or style. Earlier, the colour pink was associated with female erotica and hyperfeminity, so men stopped wearing them. While pink was not gender-specific, it was associated with class and social status. Pink, for example, was associated with political and religious rank.

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