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VMware United States of America

Founded in 1995, VMware is a California-based company specializing in virtualizing IT infrastructure. The vSphere VMware Hypervisor is the most popular product in this category. It allows you to create a “virtual machine” with any architecture. In 2004, VMware was acquired by EMC, which was then acquired by Dell in 2016. Since that time, VMware has added several products, including desktop software, private data centers, cloud management services, and virtualized storage.

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The company has been acquiring companies recently in order to grow its presence in the US market. For example, in October 2008, it acquired Trango, a pioneer in desktop as a service. Another recent acquisition was AirWatch, a mobile computing platform. In addition, VMware has been buying up smaller companies, including Third Sky, Inc., and CloudVolumes. As of June 2016, VMware is also investing in public cloud infrastructure. Check out this site to get various latest information.

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Since then, VMware has also acquired Wavefront, an enterprise software company that pioneered desktop-as-a-service. It also completed its acquisition of CloudVolumes, which is a mobile platform. This growth has led to VMware investing in more than 200 companies. However, it still faces challenges, including high competition. As a result, it continues to invest heavily in its technology. In the United States, VMware is investing in its cloud infrastructure and services to ensure a successful future.




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