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TSYS United States of America

TSYS United States of America is a payment processing company headquartered in Columbus, Georgia. The company began as a division of Columbus Bank and Trust in 1974 and has expanded its services to serve other banks. In 2013, TSYS processed more than 45 million accounts in the U.S. alone. The company’s four main business segments include North America Services, International Services, Merchants, and NetSpend, which deals with prepaid debit cards and payroll cards.

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In 1981, Total System Services Inc. was formed, and Ussery was named its senior vice-president for the Operations Division. The company’s revenues reached $6 million in 1980 and approached $10 million by 1982. As CB&T continued to grow rapidly through acquisitions, it spun off its account processing operation as a separate subsidiary, TSYS. By the end of 1983, the company was processing over one million accounts for more than sixty banks in 28 states.

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TSYS has expanded into new areas as well, including medical credit card. It’s already servicing banks in Puerto Rico and Mexico and recently formed a joint venture with Controladora PROSA, the bank association representing 75 percent of the country’s card-issuing banks. In addition to credit card processing, TSYS has diversified into merchant acquiring and revenue enhancement programs. The company’s growth and expansion are key reasons why TSYS is growing so fast.

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