Things you should never do after a truck accident – Stay calm and informed

Massive car accidents are usually the most traumatic experiences that people may go through in their lives. This is especially true when the car collides with a large truck or a tractor-trailer. Accidents that involve commercial tracking vehicles are always critical and lead to fatal cases. 

Even if you are someone lucky who survives a truck accident with very little damage done to your body and property,  you will still have to pay a hefty medical bills and fight a complex battle to recover the compensation that you deserve. This is where a truck accident lawyer may help you navigate through the personal injury claim process and protect your rights. Here is a list of the most important things that you should never do after a truck accident.

  • Never apologize or accept your fault

Whether you are speaking with the police or the other driver for the insurance company of the other driver,  make sure you don’t apologize or even speak in an apologetic tone. This can be often misunderstood as a claim of negligence instead of considering it as a simple statement about being sorry for the accident.

  • Never speculate about the cause of the truck accident

After the truck accident occurs,  you might feel the urge to speculate or guess about how the crash happened. But this is not your job and you should not be involved in this. It is the task of the police to investigate the matter and your lawyer will gain additional evidence to determine who exactly should be held at fault for the accident makeeover

  • Never discuss the accident with anyone apart from your lawyer

After you meet with a truck accident,  anything that you say can be misconstrued or used against you in the near future. Therefore if the insurance adjusters approach you regarding this matter,  ask them to talk to your attorney

  • Never disobey the instructions of your doctor

If you fail to follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor, this could hamper your process of physical recovery and make the financial and legal recovery process even more difficult. Therefore it is advisable that you follow the instructions of your doctor religiously. 

No matter how active you are on social media,  don’t make the mistake of sharing about the accident on your Facebook page or other social networking sites. Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters take to social media to get to know about you and your activities.  Hence, you need to stay off social media to avoid complexities.

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