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Texas Instruments United States of America

After the crash, Texas Instruments’ reputation as a top-quality company declined. The company’s consumer electronics division never really became a consistent money maker. There was a lot of criticism of the company’s insensitiveness to customer needs and its arrogance in attempting to create mass markets for its new inventions. It also struggled to keep prices competitive while pursuing consumer markets. TI was accused of aggressive price cutting and insensitivity to its dealers and customers, which often led to shortages of components and backlogs or reduced shipments.

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In the mid-1970s, the company’s stock climbed significantly. In the late 1970s, the company reorganized and acquired several companies to increase its production capacity. Its first acquisition was Libit Signal, of Israel, which was valued at $360 million. In 1987, it acquired Butterfly VLSI, Ltd. and Telogy for $457 million, and in 1988, it purchased Burr-Brown and Chipcon for $1 billion.

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After the merger, TI’s board of directors named Mark Shepherd as chairman and chief executive officer. J. Fred Bucy continued as president and chief operating officer, and Haggerty continued as general director until his death in 1980. The company went public in 1977 when it introduced the Speak & Spell educational device, which used speech synthesis technology. By the turn of the century, TI was held up as a model company for American companies.

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