Is Karaoke Music Royalty Free?

When you buy karaoke music, you’re essentially purchasing a license for a song. While it isn’t necessarily true that karaoke music is royalty free, you should consider a few factors. First, you need to know what is considered a parody. A parody is a work that imitates another work but exaggerates its elements for comic effect. While parody performances are legal, it is not necessarily free to use them for commercial purposes.

Copyright is a legal concept that relates to digital music and software. Copyright laws protect original works, but they also apply to copies. Karaoke CDGs may be copyrighted, but they still represent fair use, as you are able to copy them for personal use and backup. Therefore, if you plan to use karaoke music for commercial purposes, you must ensure that you get permission from the creators.

The karaoke industry has long sought compulsory licenses to use song lyrics. This license allows companies to record a “cover” version of a popular song, but the lyrics cannot be used on the video screen. Therefore, if you want to use the song lyrics on your karaoke machine, you must seek separate permission from the copyright holder. But if you’re thinking of using karaoke music in your bar or restaurant, think again.

In the US, copyright law defines a public performance as a form of performance outside of an individual’s family or friends. Public performances are governed by a PRO, which oversees music license fees for most artists. If you plan to install a karaoke machine, you will have to pay the PRO’s license fee. PROs calculate this fee based on the square footage of the venue.

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