Do You Have to Claim Your Boyfriend’s Income For Food Stamps?

If you live with your boyfriend, do you have to claim his income when you apply for food stamps? The answer to this question depends on a few different ifpnewz factors. Generally, you have to meet the income requirement for your household (you must be at least 17 years old), and your boyfriend must be a household member. In addition, your household must not have more than $1,579 in gross income per month, which means that you should include his income when calculating your eligibility. In addition, your household assets must be less than $2,000, so if your boyfriend has a significant savings or expensive possessions, it might affect your eligibility.

The next step is to wikiblog contact your local assistance office and report the change. You should also notify them of any change in household size and income, if applicable. You can request a temporary waiver of this itsmyblog requirement if you are unemployed or don’t have a job. You should also be prepared to cooperate with your caseworker. Your application is 123gonews not denied based on the lack of information. However, keep in mind that the assistance office has 30 days to give you an answer, so you newsbiztime should return it right away or before the scheduled interview.

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