Can We Sit in McDonald’s For 24 Hours?

The answer is no. McDonald’s won’t serve pedestrians at the drive-through point, citing safety concerns. A pedestrian standing in the drive-thru lane may not be visible to vehicles approaching the lane. However, the chain is acknowledging that pedestrians crave late-night grubfests, and has installed walk-up windows at restaurants with 24-hour drive-throughs.

Unlike some other fast-food chains, McDonald’s is open around the clock. Drive-through service is available around the clock, but restaurants close their dining rooms for the night. The reason for this is that McDonald’s restaurants run on skeleton crews. While it’s technically legal to sit in a McDonald’s 24 hours a day, corporate rules prohibit it. As a result, it’s riskier to burglarize a McDonald’s if it’s empty.

Some franchises claim to be open around the clock, but their actual hours of operation vary. Some only have drive-through windows, while others keep the lobby open. If a McDonald’s isn’t a free-standing restaurant, it’s probably going to close for hours. And if a McDonald’s is in a shopping mall, chances are it’ll close after the mall closes.

Despite the risk of being a victim of a crime, it’s important to remember that the company has plans to raise wages at its corporate locations. Franchisees, on the other hand, are having a hard time finding enough workers to cover their hours. Some franchisees have even offered people $50 payments just to get them to interview for the job. The Fayetteville location offers a $500 signing bonus.

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